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Gynaecological surgery

We help women with various gynaecological problems, such as pelvic organ and pelvic floor reconstructive surgeries, urinary incontinence surgeries, surgical abortions and surgical treatment of endometriosis. With us, you are taken care of and we offer you safe and private medical care.

Booking an operation

In order to perform surgical procedures, a prior appointment with a doctor of the relevant specialty is required, who will put together your treatment plan.Book an appointment or call +372 629 9277. Please familiarize yourself with the rules and guidelines for patients before surgery.

    Abrasion of the uterine cavity and trial abrasion

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    Abrasion of the uterine cavity (colloquially also cleaning the uterine cavity) is a procedure during which the mucous membrane lining the uterine cavity is removed with a special loop-like instrument (curette) and sent for histological examination. The lining of the uterus usually recovers during the next menstrual cycle. The procedure is performed to clarify the diagnosis or to stop bleeding.

    Abrasion/trial abrasion of the uterine cavity
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    Gynecologist's appointment
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    Service: Abrasion of the uterine cavity and trial abrasion

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