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Inappropriate diet may be the cause of many health issues. Fatigue, anxiety, excess body weight, skin problems, hypotension, hypertension as well as other health issues could be corrected by making small dietary changes.

At Confido, our nutritional and weight management consultants help you with your nutrition and body weight related problems. The journey to a nutritional and weight management consultant often starts with weight issues. Our nutritional and weight management consultants help you lose and gain weight and maintain your weight after reaching your goals.

    FODMAP therapeutic diet package

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    FODMAPs are a group of carbohydrates that are not fully absorbed in the small intestine and later ferment in the large intestine if they are eaten in large quantities. 

    The main symptoms caused by a high FODMAP diet are pain, bloating, bloating and diarrhoea.

    In a therapeutic diet, low-FODMAP foods are preferred and high-FODMAP foods are temporarily removed to identify those that cause complaints. As a result, approximately 70% of patients with irritable bowel syndrome experience relief of symptoms.

    The low-FODMAP diet consists of three sessions with a therapist and is divided into three phases:

    1. Restriction of FODMAPs
    2. Reintroducing of FODMAPs into the diet 
    3. FODMAP personalisation

    We recommend a therapeutic low-FODMAP diet in case of irritable bowel syndrome (especially for those with gas, bloating, diarrhoea, pain).

    Important information

    • The length of the therapeutic diet is a maximum of 6 weeks. 
    • If possible, send the food and symptom diary to our e-mail address 2-3 working days before the appointment.
    • The FODMAP therapeutic diet is also suitable in case of special diets

    Package includes:

    1st MEETING

    • Menu assessment
      The nutritional therapist analyses the previously kept food and symptom diary and identifies the foods that should be replaced during the diet period. 
    • Diet recommendations
      It explains what FODMAPs are and how they relate to the development of symptoms. This is followed by counselling regarding restriction of FODMAP in your diet. Dietary recommendations include a list of foods that are recommended to be consumed moderately and foods that should be avoided and foods that can be eaten without any restrictions. In cooperation with the patient, a nutritionally appropriate diet is designed. Information needed in everyday life is given, such as reading food package information, about eating out, adapting recipes and low FODMAP food ideas.
    • Example menu
      Our nutritional therapist has prepared a weekly sample menu for a low-FODMAP diet to help you get started on it. The menu is built on the principle that the meals can be changed with each other and are easy and quick to prepare. You can also use it to get sample recipes.

    2nd MEETING (3 to 4 weeks after starting the diet)

    • Menu assessment
      A nutritionist will reassess the symptoms and monitor diet according to the written food and symptom diary.The diversity of nutrients in the diet (e.g., fibre, iron, calcium) is evaluated. It will be evaluated whether the restriction of FODMAPs in the diet has affected the frequency and severity of symptoms, and based on this, a further nutritional plan will be designed. 
    • Diet recommendations

    Once symptoms have subsided, high FODMAP foods are reintroduced to the menu so that specific food groups/foods that may trigger symptoms can be identified.  The further nutritional plan and the importance of monitoring symptoms are explained. If the symptoms have not decreased, following of the menu and the need to continue limiting FODMAPs are assessed.

    3rd MEETING (10 weeks after the high FODMAP reintroduction)

    • Menu assessment

    A nutritional therapist evaluates the recurrence of symptoms after reintroducing the high-FODMAP foods.

    • Diet recommendations

    A less restrictive diet is designed, eliminating only the foods or food groups that cause the patient’s symptoms.

    FODMAP therapeutic diet package
    200 €
    60 min
    FODMAP therapeutic diet package (video consultation)
    200 €
    60 min

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