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With its updated formulation, Tx Rides NEO-AGE treatment does away with wrinkles in three treatment sessions thanks to ingredients manufactured with state-of-the-art biotechnology advancements and techniques based on energetic face yoga and cupping to make the treatment more efficient and ensure immediate and lasting effects. The new BTX-Tripeptide is an exclusive Germaine de Capuccini’s active ingredient that works against deepening dynamic wrinkles thanks to the synergy of three peptides, neutralising facial dermocontractions. The new active ingredient, Tissulage-Tech, relies on the latest progress made in tissue engineering to combat static wrinkles caused by ageing facial skin. Soy proteins improve skin elasticity and strength. The treatment is effective against static as well as dynamic wrinkles, smoothing the surface of the skin, making skin tauter and denser and preventing ageing.

The treatment is suitable for all skin types and is recommended starting from the age of 30 (no upper limit) to deal with or prevent expression lines and wrinkles. Three treatments over the course of one month reduces the length and depth of wrinkles by 43%. The face appears rejuvenated, smoother and rested. The efficacy of the treatment has been proven by clinical trials.

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Neo Age facial treatment care for lines and wrinkles
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