Test packages

We offer a range of individual analyses or analyses packages that have been compiled by doctors. If you would like to have a specific individual analysis or you know exactly which analyses you would like, please book an appointment to see a nurse.

Analysis packages are suitable for preventive health checks or specific concerns or if you would like a comprehensive overview of your health.

A referral is not needed for paid analyses or to consult a nurse.

Heart test package

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Heart analysis package is a blood test that provides an overview of the overall health status of the heart, immune system strength, health issues affecting the development of cardiovascular diseases and the risk of atherosclerosis, which is the hardening of blood vessels.

The heart analysis package contains nine analyses:

    • Complete blood count with five-part differential leukocyte (white blood cell) count
      – Gives a general overview of the body’s condition
      – Allows screening, diagnosing and monitoring of various diseases and conditions affecting blood cells, such as anaemia, infections, inflammation, bleeding disorders and tumours
      – Indicates the immune system status
      – Reflects the blood’s oxygen-carrying capacity

    • Cholesterol
      – Helps assess the risk of cardiovascular diseases
      – Elevated cholesterol levels in the blood are one of the main causes of cardiovascular diseases and high cholesterol concentration is a risk factor for atherosclerosis

    • LDL-cholesterol
      – Helps assess the risk of cardiovascular diseases
      – LDL cholesterol promotes the development of atherosclerosis and elevated levels are one of the risk factors for heart diseases (bad cholesterol)

    • HDL-cholesterol
      – Helps assess the risk of cardiovascular diseases
      – Higher levels of HDL cholesterol indicate a lower risk of developing coronary artery disease (good cholesterol)

    • Triglycerides
      – Helps assess the risk of cardiovascular diseases
      – Elevated levels are a significant risk factor and concentrations in the blood may increase in cases of diabetes, hypothyroidism, alcoholism, pancreatitis and chronic liver or kidney diseases

    • Glycohaemoglobin or HbA1c
      – A marker for diagnosing diabetes and monitoring disease progression
      – Identifies individuals at increased risk of developing diabetes

    • C-reactive protein (high-sensitivity)
      – A sensitive marker for inflammation and the risk of cardiovascular diseases

    • Lipoprotein a
      – Elevated levels indicate a risk for atherosclerosis development

    • Apolipoprotein B
      – Helps assess the risk of cardiovascular diseases
      – Also suitable for monitoring lipid-lowering treatment effectiveness
      – Provides information on the links between body weight, pregnancy, medications, thyroid disorders and diabetes with the risk of heart diseases

On the day before blood sampling, you can eat and drink as usual, but the consumption of alcohol, coffee and fatty foods should be limited. Do not eat or drink 10 to 14 hours before giving a blood sample. If necessary, you can drink one glass of clean, unflavoured, non-carbonated water during this time.

Please read before booking

The test results will arrive within three working days. For interpretation of the test results, we recommend a remote consultation with a doctor.


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Heart analysis package
67 €
15 minutes

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