Gastroenterology nurse

The gastroenterology nurse mainly focuses on advising patients who are about to undergo an endoscopic examination – usually gastroscopy or colonoscopy.


IBD nurse appointment (inflammatory bowel disease nurse)

The IBD nurse gives advice to patients with ulcerative colitis as well as Crohn’s disease. An individual can contact the nurse if the disease flares up, if they have any questions about treatment and the nature of the disease or if they want to renew a prescription.

Bear in mind that the nurse cannot diagnose diseases at the appointment. This service is intended for those individuals who already have been diagnosed with IBD. 

P.S. An appointment with an IBD nurse can be done over the phone even without making a reservation in advance. In the case of an unscheduled appointment, the invoice will be sent afterwards. 

Calling hours via phone +372 5400 2212

Monday 8.30–10.30
Thursday 8.30–12.30


Monday 10.30–12.30

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IBD nurse appointment (can be done over the phone)
30 min
IBD nurse appointment (can be done over the phone)
60 min

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