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With the most advanced and innovative camera on the market, LifeViz Infinity PRO, we can make high-quality images, animations, and diagnostics of the face, skin, and body, providing excellent accuracy. With the help of this camera, it is possible to observe yourself in a 360-degree view and see the effectiveness and results of the procedures. Based on the 3D camera images, more objective decisions can be made regarding the necessity of treatment procedures. Thanks to the 3D camera images, customers can better see the long-term effects of their treatments, as it can be more difficult to see the results of non-invasive procedures with the naked eye.

During the first consultation, an image of either the face or the body area is taken with a 3D camera, where facial and skin problems are assessed, such as the presence of wrinkles, volume loss, migration of fatty tissue, sun damage, redness, and pigmentation. With the help of the camera, we can also assess the age of the skin and its position in the age pyramid, so to speak. In the body area, 3D images are perfect for assessing the presence of asymmetries, fat deposits, cellulite, and stretch marks.

After a detailed analysis using 3D images, we create the best care plan just for you.

The post-procedure 3D image allows you to objectively assess how the quality of the skin has changed as a result of the procedures and skin care and to monitor the dynamics of quality and quantity changes. Similarly, it is possible to evaluate body-related changes based on images taken with the LifeViz Infinity PRO 3D camera. By layering the pre-procedure and post-procedure images on top of each other, you can observe the results – in which areas and to what extent your body has changed.

How to prepare for the procedure?

Before the 3D skin diagnosis, the skin should be cleaned of makeup at least 30 minutes before coming to the examination, so that sebum productivity is restored and we can get an adequate result.

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3D diagnostic imaging with consultation and care plan
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