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Assessment of iron stores in the body (ferritin)

Ferritin analysis should be performed if there are symptoms of iron deficiency – fatigue, faintness, drowsiness, general weakness, poor resistance to colds, poor muscle strength and performance, pale complexion of the skin.

Ferritin is an iron depot protein found in liver, spleen and bone marrow cells, and its blood levels have a direct quantitative relationship with the human body’s main iron stores in these cells. Iron is necessary for the body’s production of haemoglobin, which ensures the transport of oxygen to tissues. Iron is an important regulator of cell growth and development in the body, necessary for the functioning of heart, muscle and nerve tissue. The ferritin test is very sensitive to iron-deficiency – blood levels decrease even before the onset of anaemia in the early stages of iron deficiency and, together with changes in red blood indices, indicate the possibility of anaemia.

Ferritin is also a so-called acute phase protein, its content increases in inflammation and, in this case, the normal or increased concentration of ferritin does not correctly reflect the body’s iron stores and must be taken into consideration when interpreting the test result. If inflammation and anaemia occur together, additional tests may be performed to determine the cause of the anaemia (see Anaemia package).

High values of ferritin indicate an excessive iron content that is harmful for the organism. Excess iron causes deposition syndromes and liver and pancreatic damage. The first complaint is usually joint pain.


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