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We offer a range of individual analyses or analyses packages that have been compiled by doctors. If you would like to have a specific individual analysis or you know exactly which analyses you would like, please book an appointment to see a nurse.

Analysis packages are suitable for preventive health checks or specific concerns or if you would like a comprehensive overview of your health.

A referral is not needed for paid analyses or to consult a nurse.

Women’s health and beauty test package

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Several aesthetic concerns can be signs of underlying health problems. For example, dry skin, hair thinning, brittle nails, facial swelling, difficulties in losing or gaining weight may indicate thyroid issues.

Women’s health and beauty are also influenced by lifestyle, nutrition, exercise habits and stress. The risk of iron deficiency increases in those who do not consume sufficient iron-rich foods or have gastrointestinal issues that hinder iron absorption. Additionally, monthly heavy menstruation, pregnancy or breastfeeding can contribute to the development of iron deficiency.

In addition to essential general health indicators, the women’s health and beauty test package provides an overview of whether the body has sufficient essential vitamins and minerals for beautiful skin, healthy hair and strong nails.

Women’s health and beauty test package includes 12 analyses:

  • Complete blood count with five-part differential leukocyte (white blood cell) count
    – Provides an overview of blood oxygen transport and immune system
    – Allows monitoring of diseases and conditions affecting blood cells, such as anaemia, infections, inflammation, bleeding disorders, blood-related diseases, etc.
  • C-reactive protein (high-sensitivity) CRP
    – Sensitive marker for inflammation and cardiovascular disease risk
  • Thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH)
    – Primary test to assess thyroid function
  • Ferritin
    – Indicates the body’s iron stores and may indicate the cause of excessive fatigue
  • Vitamin D (25-OH)
    – Participates in immune system activation
    – Essential for calcium absorption and ensuring strong bones and teeth
    – Important for muscle function and coordination
  • Vitamin B12
    – Ensures cell health and adequate energy production
    – Necessary for proper functioning of the nervous system
    – Balances processes in a stressed body (energy production, immune system, detoxification)
    – Participates in the removal of the toxic waste product homocysteine from cells, thus protecting blood vessel walls and preventing cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia
  • Calcium
    – Essential mineral for normal functioning of bones, teeth, muscles and nerves
  • Folate
    – Assists in evaluating blood cell renewal, nervous system function, development of anaemia or neuropathy
  • Coenzyme Q10
    – Effective antioxidant that inhibits oxidative stress and aging processes, helps cope with stress and strengthens resistance to diseases
    – Strengthens the heart, cardiovascular system and lowers blood pressure
  • Magnesium
    – Participates in carbohydrate metabolism, blood pressure regulation, protein synthesis, muscle contraction, bone development and nerve-muscle excitability
  • Phosphate
    – Important for bone and tooth formation
    – Toxicity symptoms may occur in patients with kidney diseases
  • Zinc
    – Essential element for the functioning of around 300 enzymes, including those protecting against oxidative stress
    – Affects skin condition and hair growth, important for wound healing
    – Crucial for cell development, growth and reproduction
    – Ensures the formation of immune system cells and normal immune response
    – Influences the condition of the skin and nails

On the day before blood sampling, you can eat and drink as usual, but the consumption of alcohol, coffee and fatty foods should be limited. Do not eat or drink 10 to 14 hours before giving a blood sample. If necessary, you can drink one glass of clean, unflavoured, non-carbonated water during this time.

Please read before booking

The test results will arrive within seven working days. For interpretation of the test results, we recommend a remote consultation with a doctor.


Duration up to
Women's health and beauty test package
15 min
Remote doctor consultation to interpret the results
15 min

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