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Humans are exposed to thousands of pathogens every day. The immune system is continuously working to protect us against them, and its activity goes unnoticed. Vaccination helps the body’s immune system recognise and combat threats.

Vaccination results in the development of immunity similar to that of an infectious disease. This means that the human body is able to eradicate harmful micro-organisms before they multiply en mass when later exposed to the disease. This is how vaccination prevents the spread of infections.

The need for vaccination depends on a number of factors:

  • which infectious diseases the person has already had
  • which vaccinations they have already had
  • what their work-related risks are
  • whether there are dangerous disease outbreaks in Estonia
  • where they plan to travel in the near future

For any questions about vaccinations, please contact your Confido family doctor or general practitioner, who will arrange new vaccinations for you, if needed.

Vaccination against poliomyelitis

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Poliomyelitis, also known as polio or infantile paralysis, is an acute viral infectious disease transmitted primarily through contaminated food, water, objects or respiratory droplets from person to person. The disease can manifest in various forms and severity levels. It is characterised by general symptoms of intoxication and often involves damage to the central nervous system, resulting in flaccid paralysis.

For primary vaccination, children are administered three consecutive doses starting from the second month of life, with a one or two-month interval between doses. From the second year of life, a fourth dose is given one year after the third dose. Revaccination for children and adolescents is recommended every five years.

For primary vaccination, adults receive two doses with a one or preferably two-month interval. A third dose is administered 8-12 months after the second dose. Subsequent revaccination for adults is recommended every ten years.

All vaccinations done at Confido are recorded in your vaccination passport, which we ask you to take with you when you come to get vaccinated. If necessary, we will issue a new vaccination passport for an additional fee (€10).

Vaccination information leaflet

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