Intra-articular Synvisc injection

Articular puncture is used to diagnose and treat articular diseases. Sometimes it is necessary to put medicine into the joint to sooth the discomforts. In certain cases we inject hyoluronic acid based gel-like substance (Synvisc ja Synvisc One) into the injured knee.

Hyoluronic acid is a naturally occurring molecule that acts as a lubricant and padding for the joint. The injection decreases the discomforts, increases the mobility of the joint and makes the joint heal faster.

We recommend the Synvisc procedure to those who actively and daily use the injured joint. The procedure is helpful for arthrosis and for all stages of joint damage.

  • Synvisc
    Three Synvisc injections are given within a week. The pain free period lasts up to 12 months. The cost of the injection is 125 euros.
  • Synvisc One
    Synvisc One is injected only once. The pain free period lasts up to 12 months. Cost of the injection is 325 euros.

How is the procedure performed?

  • First, the doctor will clean the area of the skin where the injection is made and then the joint is punctured with a needle through which the medicine is delivered into the joint.
  • Local anaesthetic is not required for this procedure.
  • The place of the injection is covered with band aid and if necessary, with a bandage.
  • The band aid or bandage has to stay on as long as the doctor prescribes or at least 24 hours.

Good to know

  • The skin needs to be clean (avoid using oils and ointments).
  • The joint can be moved and leaned on right after the procedure.
  • In very rare cases the joint becomes infected or starts to bleed. If the joint becomes painful and the area around it reddens and swells up and your temperature starts to rise, immediately turn to the doctor who performed the injection for a follow-up examination.


Duration up to
Intra-articular Synvisc injection
125-325 €
15-25 minutes

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