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Confido employs psychologists, clinical psychologists and neuropsychologists. Psychologists deal with the prevention of mental health issues, support psychological wellbeing and self-assertion and provide psychological counselling. Clinical psychologists deal with the assessment and treatment of the psyche and mental disorders using various methods of testing and psychotherapy. Neuropsychologists specialise in understanding the relationship between the physical brain and behaviour and also diagnose and treat disorders related to brain damage and neuropsychiatric disorders.

Consultation with a neuropsychologist (post-COVID-19 rehabilitation)

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COVID-19 is a disease that affects several human organs, including our nervous system and brain. The disease often results in a variety of cognitive problems such as mental fatigue, difficulty concentrating, trouble finding words and memory loss. A person may also find it difficult to plan and organise daily tasks. 

Such problems have a negative impact on various aspects of life. A person’s ability to work may decline, relationships with others may suffer and mood or anxiety disorders may occur.

During the initial consultation, the neuropsychologist assesses the overall nature of the patient’s complaints. In cooperation with the patient, a plan for further action is established. If necessary, other specialists are involved (e.g. neurologist, psychiatrist, psychotherapist).

Although COVID-19 is a relatively new disease and there are no specific evidence-based recommendations concerning cognitive rehabilitation, general principles of neuropsychological rehabilitation can be applied to alleviate the problems. In collaboration with the neuropsychologist, individual solutions are found to reduce or better cope with problems.

It is recommended that a cognitive function test be performed to determine the exact nature and extent of cognitive impairment.

Post-COVID-19 neuropsychologist consultation and rehabilitation
€ 100
up to 60 minutes

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Service: Consultation with a neuropsychologist (post-COVID-19 rehabilitation)

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