A pediatrician, or pediatrician, deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases in children of all ages and adolescents up to 18 years of age. Pediatricians cooperate with specialists in several fields and, if necessary, refer the child to a suitable doctor. The main problems and reasons for visiting a pediatrician: are childhood diseases, problems in the child’s development, newborn screening, and child vaccination.

Several specialists and doctors focused on children work at Confido: a special pedagogue-consultant, a children’s pulmonologist, a children’s neurologist, a children’s psychiatrist, a children’s nurse, a physiotherapist, and an allergist.

You can see a pediatrician without a referral. Reception financed by the Health Insurance Fund takes place only if there is a referral letter.

Consultation with the paediatrician

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A paediatrician deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases in children of all ages and adolescents up to 18 years old. Where necessary, a paediatrician will refer children for any necessary further analyses and tests or to see another specialist.

NB! Please do not come to the appointment with symptoms of an acute illness (fever and/or signs of an acute upper respiratory infection). With an acutely ill child, we recommend contacting a general or family doctor.

Depending on the health concern, it is possible to turn to the following specialists:

  • paediatrician
  • paediatric infectious disease doctor
  • paediatric pulmonologist
  • paediatrician allergist

A paediatric infectious disease doctor deals with the consultation, diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of infectious diseases. A paediatric infectious disease doctor can be consulted if the child has an acute intestinal infection (for example, salmonellosis, campylobacteriosis, shigellosis, yersiniosis, rotavirus enteritis), an acute respiratory viral infection (for example, parainfluenza virus, adenovirus, RS virus, rhinovirus, coronavirus), an infectious disease with a rash (for example, monkeypox, enterovirus, chickenpox, scabies), a neuroinfection (for example, tick-borne encephalitis, Lyme disease), a urinary tract infection or viral hepatitis (hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis C).

A paediatric pulmonologist deals with the diagnosis and treatment of lung and respiratory diseases, provides expert assessment of diagnosis and treatment plans, performs regular monitoring and control of chronic diseases (such as asthma) and explains prevention methods and treatment options.

A paediatric allergist treats and advises children who have allergic complaints or who have already been diagnosed with asthma or allergies. A paediatric allergist can be consulted in case of allergic rhinitis, food allergies, allergic skin diseases and other chronic and recurring respiratory diseases in a child. They will often refer children for various tests (e.g. blood tests to detect allergen antibodies, skin puncture tests or spirometry), which are not included in the price for the appointment.


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Consultation with the paediatrician
90 €
Consultation with the paediatrician
60 €
Consultation with the paediatrician allergist
90 €
Consultation with the paediatric pulmonologist
90 €
Consultation with the paediatrician
70 €

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