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A personality test helps determine behavioural patterns which make a person rigidly react the same way in different personal and social situations and which may be apparent in a person’s way of thinking and comprehension, emotions and communication style.

The developed style may interfere with coping with life and cause difficulties for the person, as well as the person’s loved ones. Personality disorders may cause depression, anxiety or other psychological disorders. Patterns pointing to personality disorders usually already become apparent in childhood or in teen years and remain until adulthood.

The results of a personality test help differentiate problems, support diagnostic decisions, as well as planning and executing the following psychotherapy.

The personality test consists of:

  • A clinical interview and filling in a questionnaire to determine the emotional condition
  • A structured diagnostic interview
  • A results analysis and summary compilation

Good to know

  • It is possible to perform the test from the age of 18 upwards
  • We recommend coming to the test fresh and rested
  • The first meeting consists of an interview and conducting the test. The anticipated duration of the meeting is 3 hours.
  • Giving feedback on the results of the test takes place as a separate meeting for which a suitable time is scheduled.
  • The study requires a preliminary consultation with the psychologist conducting the study.

To book the examination, a prior consultation with the specialist conducting the examination is required.

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Personality test
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