Psychiatry (consultations)

Everyone may experience mild and short-term or more severe and long-lasting mental health problems throughout their lives.
A psychiatrist specialises in mental health problems, focusing on the diagnosis, assessment, treatment and prevention of psychiatric and behavioural disorders. A psychiatrist assesses a person’s mental state and makes recommendations for further treatment. Depending on individual needs, the psychiatrist prescribes medication and recommends psychotherapy or treatment from another specialist. The frequency of psychiatric consultations and the duration of treatment depend on the patient’s condition and the course of the illness. As a rule, the frequency of visits is higher in the initial phase of treatment. The main examination method of a psychiatrist is a psychiatric interview; further examinations are determined, where necessary.

A referral is not needed to consult a psychiatrist.

Mental State Examination for receiving a certification

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Mental state examination is a psychiatrist’s assessment of a person’s mental state. Psychiatrist’s assessment is needed as there are a number of tasks where people cannot have a mental disorder as they might endager others’ life, well-being, or health. Pyschiatrist’s assessment is professional and based on psychiatric interview and available health data. Additional tests will be administered if needed.

If no mental conditions are discovered, the patient will receive a certification. You are asked to cover the consultation fee even if you do not receive a certification.

Recommended for

  • When applying for a weapons permit
  • Presenting for the Defense Resources Agency
  • Adoption legal work

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Duration up to
Mental State Examination for receiving a certification
180-245 €
50 min
Mental State Examination
Psychiatric consultation is required
180 €