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Eye health 40+ package

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Physiological changes in vision usually begin after the age of 40, for example, visual acuity may change when seeing up close and reading small text or your eyes may get tired faster. If necessary, the optometrist will prescribe glasses during the appointment.

From that age, people are also at risk for various eye diseases, which often start asymptomatic and develop slowly. A thorough eye examination will help detect them at an early stage. Early diagnosis and treatment are needed to maintain vision.

Eye check-up panel 40+ includes:

  1. Optometrist consultation
  2. Vision check-up, refractometry, keratometry
  3. Prescription for glasses and counselling, if necessary
  4. Measurement of intraocular pressure
  5. OCT macular tomography
  6. OCT optic disc tomography
  7. OCT corneal tomography
  8. Evaluation of OCT examination

Please come to the appointment without wearing contact lenses!

The package and the services included in it can be used within 12 months from the date of the first reservation of the package. We do not refund money for an unfinished package and we do not change services within the package.

PLEASE NOTE!  Consultation and examinations take approximately 60 minutes. During the appointment, it may be necessary to administer eye drops that dilate the pupil. After that, the vision is blurred for a while and driving a car and working with your eyes may be disturbed for the rest of the day.


Eye health 40+ package
170 €

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