Food allergy analysis package

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What should I not eat? It is useful to know, what is good to eat!

The most frequent symptoms of food allergies are nausea, stomach pains, diarrhea, skin redness and rashes, eczema, difficulty swallowing, difficulty breathing, as well as itching and swelling of the mouth’s mucous membrane. The analysis, in the framework of the package, clarify for you, if the reason for the given symptoms lies in dietary habits or elsewhere. The package determines the suitability of 7 principle foodstuffs for your organism: wheat, fish, peanuts, soya beans and crustaceans. We recommend going to a doctor’s appointment for interpreting the analysis results.

The package results will be delivered within 3 work days.

The food allergy analysis package consists of 7 analysis:

  • Egg white antibody IgE
  • Wheat flour antibody IgE
  • Fish (cod) antibody IgE
  • Cow’s milk antibody IgE
  • Soya bean antibody IgE
  • Peanut antibody IgE
  • Shrimp antibody IgE

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Food allergy package
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