Joint aspiration and intra-articular injections

Joint aspiration is used to diagnose joint diseases and for treatment. Joint disease can cause synovial fluid to accumulate in the hollows of the joint and can cause joint pain and/or become dysfunctional. Joint aspiration and intra-articular injections are done for diagnosis and treatment purposes. It is also used when there is too much fluid, which stretches the joint capsule or causes pain. Removing extra joint fluid decreases pressure in the joint capsule and elevates pain. 

  • Before the aspiration
    The skin has to be clean to perform a joint aspiration (avoid using oils and creams).
  • During the aspiration
    The area for the aspiration is cleaned and the joint is punctured with a needle – for either removal of extra fluid or to deliver medicine to the joint. A bandage will be placed on the point of injection and if necessary a pressure dressing.
  • After the aspiration
    After the injection for treatment the joint may be sore. If necessary, take a painkiller. Keep the bandage or pressure bandage on for at least 24 hours. Bleeding or infection occurs rarely. If a strong pain does occur, or if you have a high fever or the joint area becomes red and swollen, go see a doctor for a follow-up.

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Duration up to
Intra-articular Synvisc injection
70 €
Consultation of general practitioner
90 €
30 min
Consultation of rheumatologist
110 €
30 min

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