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    Minor eye area surgery

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    Minor surgery around the eyes will remove small skin lesions. Skin lesions on the eyelid or mucous membrane (chalazion, papilloma, xanthelasma, lipoma, etc.) are usually benign. A chalazion or an eyelid cyst forms as a result of sebaceous gland inflammations. Other lesions (e.g. lipoma and xanthelasma) are caused by residual substances from the metabolic process that deposit in the skin. Papillomas are viral, which is why they might form again after removal.

    Lesions are usually not dangerous to your eyes or sight, although they may cause discomfort and can affect your self-esteem. Removing them should be considered when they become painful, inflamed, considerably enlarged or change in shape or colour.

    At Confido, lesions in the eye area are removed by ophthalmologists. To start the removal process, book an appointment with an ophthalmologistThe doctor will decide whether the procedure is necessary during the consultation.

    If necessary, the removed tissue will be sent to a lab for testing in order to find out whether the growth is malignant or benign. This assessment cannot be made using the naked eye. The results will be available within seven working days. The price of the histological examination will be added to that of the procedure.

    How will the procedure be performed?

    • The procedure will be performed under local anaesthesia.
    • The length of the procedure depends on its difficulty.
    • The procedure is not painful. Only the shot of anaesthesia will occasionally cause some pain.
    • If the procedure creates a small wound, it will be sutured and the stitches will have to be removed in the hospital in a week.
    Minor eye area surgery
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    Service: Minor eye area surgery

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