ABI test

The diagnostics of the arteriosclerotic changes of the arteries or determining the AB index consists of measuring the blood pressure at both ankles and upper arms and comparing the results. The results are compared and it is assessed whether a thrombus or arteriosclerosis has caused the blood flow of the legs to decrease. The results enable assessing the existence and severity of arterial diseases and blood flow disorders.

Whether there is a need for the test is the decision of the doctor. The test is performed by the vascular surgeon dr Tiit Kivistik. The doctor can perform the test during the consultation in which case the price of the test is 25 euros.

Often a comprehensive examination of the blood vessels is performed, which is not covered by the fee for the Ankle Brachial Index designation.

Meaning of ABI values

  • > 0.90 normal
  • > 0.75 slight abnormality of perfiery arteries
  • > 0.50 medium abnormality of perifery arteries
  • < 0.50 severe abnormality of periphery arteries

The examination is for people who

  • have a high risk of developing a cardiovascular disease
  • have a hereditary disposition for arterial diseases
  • have previously suffered from a cardiovascular disease
  • have complaints that may be linked to a cardiovascular disease

How is the examination performed?

  • During the examination, you have to lie down for five minutes in a relaxed state
  • Cuffs will be placed around your ankles and upper arms and your cardiovascular stats are measured.
  • After the measuring, you are shown the results and given advice for further action.
  • The results are given to the patient in writing.


ABI Test
25 €

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