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At Confido, we truly believe that the most efficient way to stay healthy is to prevent disease. Our various health packages give you the opportunity to get a comprehensive overview of your health status. You can opt for any of the packages available, depending on what you consider important or are concerned with. The packages include an assessment of your individual health risks and indicators and provide recommendations on how to take even better care of your health or alleviate existing conditions. If necessary, you will be referred for additional testing and asked to come to a consultation with our experienced doctors or a specialist if a health package reveals a reason to do so.

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    Tilt table test

    The tilt table test evaluates how, depending on the body’s position, blood pressure and pulse rate values change and whether a loss of consciousness happens. The tilt table test is performed on individuals who experience fainting fits, the exact cause of which is not clear. The tilt table test is an informative test that helps determine the causes of loss of consciousness. A prior doctor’s consultation is required for the procedure.

    Preparation for examination 

    • The approximate duration of the tilt table test is 65-75 minutes and it is safe for the patient.
    • The examination is conducted in the morning, usually between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. in a quiet, dimly lit room. 
    • Take your medication on the morning of the examination. You can eat a light meal around three or four hours prior to the examination. We do not recommend drinking coffee or strong tea. If you are a smoker, we do not recommend smoking for one hour prior to the examination. 
    • Please wear comfortable clothing to the examination. Do not wear tight clothes or support stockings during the examination. 
    • Please put your phone on silent or vibrate during the course of the examination.
    • Prior to the examination at Confido:
      • go to the bathroom and empty your bladder;
      • you will be asked questions about any conditions or diseases you have and the medications you take. 

    Description of examination 

    • The prerequisite for the examination is that the patient is capable of standing for 25 minutes continuously.
    • The examination is conducted on a specialised tilting table. The tilting table has a footrest and in order to ensure your safety, we will attach you to the tilting table using support straps. 
    • Electrocardiogram (ECG) electrodes will be placed on your arms, legs and chest when conducting the examination. We will attach a blood pressure cuff to your upper arm and a pulse oximeter to your finger. We will mount a vein cannula on your arm, if necessary. 
    • We will continuously monitor your heart activity (ECG) and blood pressure during the examination. We will take measurements every two minutes (and in the case of fainting). 
    • Please inform the staff immediately if you start feeling queasy. Other conversation is not permitted during the examination. 
    • The tilt table test in a three-phase examination:
    • First, you will lie in a horizontal position on the tilting table for five minutes. 
    • Thereafter, the tilting table is raised to a 70-degree angle and kept in this position for 45 minutes or until you faint or symptoms develop. 
    • Afterwards is the recovery phase – the tilting table is lowered to a horizontal position. 
    • The following symptoms may occur during tilting: dizziness, faintness, nausea, changes in blood pressure and heart rate and heart rhythm disorders in some cases. 
    • You can leave the examination when your pre-test feeling has been restored. 
    • Take into consideration that you are not advised to drive a vehicle after the tilt table test. 

    Additional information and questions 

    If you have any questions regarding the tilt table test, your doctor or a specialist conducting the examination will answer them. You will find out the results of the test from your doctor. 

    If for some reason you cannot attend the examination at the scheduled time, please let us know by calling 1330 or via e-mail at

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