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Speech therapy

The field of speech therapy or speech therapy deals with the improvement and development of oral, written, and non-verbal communication. A speech therapist helps patients to be able to communicate their thoughts intelligibly to other people.

The main problems with which a speech therapist is approached: are speech disorders, speech difficulties, speech problems, developmental problems, child's speech development.

You do not need a referral to see a speech therapist.

    Speech therapist consultation and therapy for adults

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    A speech therapist is a specialist dealing with speech and swallowing disorders whose help may be required by people of all ages. In the case of adults, a speech therapist diagnoses speech disorders and restores, corrects, maintains or, if necessary, compensates for speech. A speech therapist assesses the comprehension and production of oral and written speech, speech characteristics (voice, pronunciation, fluency, etc.) and speech-related muscle function. A speech therapist also assesses the swallowing function and provides therapy. In the case of swallowing disorders, there are problems swallowing food or liquids and swallowing may often be followed by coughing or a lumpy feeling in the throat, etc.

    People who have lost all or part of their ability to speak as a result of a stroke may need the help of a speech therapist. Speech and swallowing disorders often accompany Parkinson’s disease, for example. Damage to cognitive abilities also affects speech and communication, which in turn affect a person’s ability to cope on a day-to-day basis. A speech therapist can also help in case of any such problems. Working with a speech therapist, it is possible to find ways to maintain speech function and adapt the communication environment.

    When should you see a speech therapist?

    • Speech disorders caused by a stroke or other diseases
    • Speech disorders associated with Parkinson’s disease and other progressive diseases
    • Pronunciation problems
    • Stuttering and other disfluency
    • Voice disorders
    • Speech problems due to cognitive impairment
    • Facial nerve paralysis
    • Swallowing disorders

    Both speech and swallowing disorders can have a significant impact on people’s ability to manage, their social lives and quality of life. In case of speech or swallowing disorders, consult our speech therapists. Our speech therapists are also available for English speakers.

    Aaro Nursi accepts children and young people from the age of 14. You can contact a specialist both with a referral from a family doctor (therapy fund), as a referral from a specialist, and for a fee.

    Only people have been given the ability to talk, use the language for expressing their thoughts and feelings and use language to get feedback on the surrounding world.

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    Service: Speech therapist consultation and therapy for adults

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