Twenty-four-hour Holter-monitoring of blood pressure

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Holter-monitoring records heart activity with a electrocardiogram during a 24-hour period. The examination gives an overview of blood pressure values measured repeatedly during the twenty-four-hour period.

  • During the monitoring, it is recommended to refrain from physical activity because even a small amount of exercising will influence the data collected.
  • The apparatus must not get wet which is why one must refrain from washing their body.
  • It is not allowed to remove the apparatus on your own. It is removed in our clinic the day after, approximately at the same time it was put on.
  • Make sure the apparatus does not fall on the ground during sleeping.

How is the examination performed?

  • A cuff is placed on the upper arm as with a normal blood pressure monitor.
  • A data recorder is attached to the body.
  • Then the examinee can go home and proceed with their daily activities.
  • You will be given a diary where you need to write your daily activities and how you are feeling.
  • During the measuring, you have to sit calmly, keep your upper arm away from the body and avoid movements. While driving, you need to stop the vehicle. The measuring takes about a minute.
  • At night, the cuff needs to remain on the arm, but you can place the data recorder beside you.
  • The apparatus records both upper and lower blood pressure. The measuring will make you feel pressure on your arm and hear slight whizzing.

With a referral from a family doctor, the visit fee for 24-hour blood pressure monitoring is free for you. The family physician who referred you for the examination will pay for it through the Health Insurance Fund.

We provide this service

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Tartu Raatuse clinic
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Duration up to
Twenty-four-hour Holter-monitoring of blood pressure
60 €
24 hours

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