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Psychology and Psychiatry (Mental Health)

A psychologist advises on mental health issues. The main problems and reasons for consulting a psychologist: are mental health help, stress, relationship crisis, fatigue and exhaustion, and bad mood.

Psychiatrists deal with mental and behavioral disorders, assessment and mitigation of risk behavior, treatment, and prevention. A clinical psychologist helps to find out whether a patient has a mental disorder or a behavioral disorder, and also deals with the treatment and prevention of mental and behavioral disorders. Main problems and reasons for seeing a psychiatrist: ADHD, dementia, depression, sedatives.

In addition, the Confido Mental Health Center has a clinical psychologist, neuropsychologist, addiction counselor, mental health coach, experience counselor, and occupational therapist.

You can see a mental health specialist without a referral.

    Consultation with a mental health nurse (general mental health problem)

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    A mental health nurse is a specialist with particular skills and knowledge who is competent, on the basis of a mental health disorder, to assess one’s state of health and analyse health risks, advise a patient and their loved ones, and develop everyday means of coping.

    A mental health nurse works closely with the treating doctor (incl. psychiatrists), psychologists and other specialists, where the most suitable and effective solution is found for a person’s health problems by applying different knowledge.

    We suggest turning to a mental health nurse for an initial consultation in order to specify one’s state of health and receive suggestions for where to turn next.

    A mental health nurse can:

    • Explain different kinds of therapy and make suggestions for further care
    • Give health advice to a patient and their loved ones on the basis of a mental disorder, explain techniques for self-help (i.e. relaxation techniques, lifestyle counseling, breathing exercises, etc.)
    • Counsel on everyday coping (i.e. in the case of dementia)
    • Give information about medications, instruct how to follow a course of treatment, monitor blood tests, assess the necessity of adjusting treatment
    Consultation with a mental health nurse (video consultation available)
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    Service: Consultation with a mental health nurse (general mental health problem)

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