Pop-up clinic

A health-conscious employee is a win for the employer.

We come to the company on site to perform initial health checks for employees.

When communicating with patients, Confido doctors can advise employees on various health issues. With this, we improve employees’ awareness for independent health management. This in turn means a more productive employee and an increase in work capacity. The Confido Pop-up clinic is based on the needs of your company’s employees.

Confido Pop-up clinic services:

  • We measure important health indicators (NB! It is not an occupational health check)
  • Seasonal vaccination
  • Primary health counseling and referral to specialists

In cooperation with Confido, a valuable health hour or day is created for your company and employees. Together we will determine the best time, location and services for your company’s Pop-up Clinic. Contact us at ariklient@confido.ee or by phone +372 538 030 00.