Heart & blood vessels

You have quick access to the tests you need in Confido, whether they involve radiology or endoscopy or pertain to the health of your lungs or heart. We use state-of-the-art equipment, and the test result briefs drawn up by our specialists are always appreciated.

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    Central blood pressure and artery examination

    Central blood pressure examination allows to assess a cardiovascular disease progression and risks, assess the state of arteries, determine a cardiovascular risk, and diagnose early on atherosclerosis and its severity. It is important to detect arterial changes as early as possible, as severe complications such as heart attack or stroke occur at advanced stages of the disease.

    In addition, the examination also assesses the effect of blood pressure medication. Inappropriate medication can lead to decreased blood pressure and cause dizziness and fainting. Increased central blood pressure means an increased workload for the heart and that can lead to a heart failure. Also, increased pressure is a danger to cerebral arteries, as increased pressure can clog the arteries and result in a stroke.

    The examination is carried out by a heart health specialist professor Margus Viigimaa who assesses the need for it during his consultation. The consultation fee will be added to the examination price.

    How is the test carried out?

    • A cuff is placed on an upper arm, similar to a blood pressure monitor
    • You are first asked to sit down, and later you are asked to stand. The changes in blood pressure will be monitored in 1 and 2 minutes
    • The examination is painless

    The examination is recommended if

    • You suffer from hypertension
    • Your immediate family has experienced early heart attacks or strokes
    • You have several risk factors for cardiovascular disease, such as low activity, overweight, stress, etc
    Central blood pressure and artery examination
    70 €
    15-30 minutes