Pain Centre

Confido Tartu Raatuse Clinic’s Pain Centre welcomes patients who have chronic pain or pain lasting over three months in the joint-muscle-support (musculoskeletal) system and chronic nerve pain whose exact cause is not known and who wish to consult a doctor. Patients whose cause of chronic pain is known (diagnosis by specialist doctor) but who need help managing it are also invited.

Our approach to the pain syndrome is comprehensive. Depending on the specific problem, the team may include a doctor (neurologist, rheumatologist or general physician), a physiotherapist, a nurse with special training in medication or a clinical psychologist.

What are chronic musculoskeletal pain and chronic neuropathic pain?

Chronic pain is pain that has lasted for more than three months. Chronic pain is a problem that often requires consultation and the intervention of various health professionals. Sometimes chronic pain can occur after acute pain – the cause of the acute pain has been treated, but the pain does not subside. There are also syndromes resulting from dysfunction of the central nervous system, which are characterised by the development of pain without specific tissue damage and which are often accompanied by other symptoms, such as fatigue, low mood, anxiety and sleep problems. Chronic pain syndrome can become a problem in situations where the specific cause of pain is not known or cannot be cured and we must find methods that cause the pain to hinder daily life as little as possible. In all of the cases mentioned above, the pain syndrome must be treated comprehensively to ensure quality of life and the ability to continue daily activities.

We invite patients to the Pain Centre if they have had pain in various joints, muscles or limbs for more than three months, or who feel that the whole body or a specific area of ​​the body (e.g. shoulder and neck area, lower back) is in constant pain. We also welcome patients with neuropathy or neuralgia, i.e. a pain syndrome involving nerves (e.g. post-shingles pain syndrome, trigeminal nerve pain) or radiculopathy, i.e. pain due to pinching of the nerves exiting the spinal canal (back pain radiating to a limb).

Why should you come to Confido Tartu Raatuse Clinic’s Pain Centre?

The Pain Centre of the Confido Tartu Raatuse Clinic is a good option for patients who want advice on their chronic pain without having to wait on the waiting lists of the Health Insurance Fund and who need a comprehensive approach to the pain. Depending on the specific problem, the team may include a doctor (neurologist, rheumatologist or general physician), a physiotherapist, a nurse with special training in medication or a clinical psychologist. Based on individual needs, other specialists might be involved as well. The Pain Centre’s team advises on the nature of the disease and how to deal with it. We devise an individual plan according to your concerns and needs that helps you to manage your chronic pain.

Start by making an appointment with a general physician if you want help finding the cause of chronic joint/muscle/limb/back pain or if you need further clarification about your health but are not sure which specialist to consult. A physician examines your medical history, if necessary, refers you for additional tests and examinations, prescribes treatment or advises you on which of the specialists in our pain team can help.

Make an appointment with a rheumatologist or neurologist if the exact cause of the pain is known and a professional diagnosis is available.

Please note! Please go to the emergency medicine department or call an ambulance if:

  • you have a sudden, severe headache, chest or stomach pain or pain in a limb;
  • the corresponding area turns white, reddens, swells or you develop a fever.

PLEASE NOTE! Fees are charged for appointments.
The cost of additional tests, analyses and procedures prescribed at the visit will be added to the treatment bill. Find more information on payment methods here.

The Head of the Pain Centre is Dr Liis Puis, a rheumatologist at Confido Raatuse Clinic.

The Pain Centre team is comprised of:


The physiotherapeutic approach depends on the specific problem. We prepare an individual programme for each patient, considering all of their health problems. Upon doctor’s referral!

Clinical psychologist

A clinical psychologist teaches the patient how to cope with chronic pain and, if necessary, advises them on accompanying problems, such as anxiety, sleep and mood disorders. Upon doctor’s referral!


A nurse advises and monitors pain patients on their journey of treatment as referred by the doctor. Upon doctor’s referral!