Doctors in Confido

Confido employs a wide range of doctors and various specialists who will advise you on preventing health issues as well as diagnose and treat any existing conditions. You can turn to our general practitioners with unexpected and urgent health issues as well as chronic illnesses. In addition, Confido employs specialist doctors in all major fields who can help you in their area of expertise. Confido provides a range of tests on site, and if necessary we will refer you to other medical institutions to undergo testing. Our doctors also perform various medical procedures, up to and including surgery.


Employee health check certificate for infectious diseases

Employee health check certificate for infectious diseases

The certificate is required for commencing work in a catering establishment, but also for entry into certain professions and areas of activity or for studies. The purpose of a health check is to prevent the spread of infectious diseases to customers, consumers or patients by infectious employees through work processes. Employers have the right to refer their employees for an additional health check on the basis of a risk assessment carried out during work.

The person applying for a health certificate books an appointment with a nurse, who will refer them for further tests related to the applicant’s profession or area of activity. During the appointment, the person applying for a health certificate fills in a declaration and validates the data submitted with their name and signature.

The service includes the following:

  • nurse’s appointment
  • if needed, an X-ray of the torso and/or a stool culture (bacterial)
  • issue of certificate provided there are no contraindications

How is the certificate issued?

The first step is a nurse’s appointment to fill in a health declaration and refer you for the necessary tests. Once the test results come back, you can get your certificate from the reception desk. If there are any contraindications to the issue of a certificate, the patient will be referred to a physician (for an extra charge). 

How quickly can you get a certificate?

The results are available within 1-5 working days. After that, the physician will make a decision on the health status of the person being checked based on the data in their health declaration and medical record and the results of tests ordered.


  1. employees handling foodstuff and drinking water;
  2. animal keepers and persons whose work duties involve direct contact with farm animals and animal produce;
  3. teachers, employees in children’s institutions and employees who work in direct contact with children and young people; 
  4. welfare employees who come into direct contact with people in need of assistance;
  5. healthcare professionals who come into direct contact with patients;
  6. persons providing beauty and personal services who come into direct contact with patients; and
  7. students or trainees in the above areas of activity. 
  • Certificate without analyses/tests (if the necessary analyses/tests have been carried out within the last two years)
    30 €
  • Certificate with x-ray
    45 €
  • Certificate with complex examination of intestinal bacteria
    75 €
  • Certificate with x-ray and complex examination of intestinal bacteria
    85 €

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