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At Confido, we truly believe that the most efficient way to stay healthy is to prevent disease. Our various health packages give you the opportunity to get a comprehensive overview of your health status.

Vaccination against chickenpox (as of 12 months old)

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hickenpox is a contagious infectious disease characterised by a distinctive rash on the skin. The pathogen is transmitted through respiratory droplets and direct contact with the fluid from the blisters. Infection occurs by being in the same room as an infected individual. The disease starts with catarrhal symptoms and a rise in body temperature, followed by the development of nodular-vesicular rash and the fever rises during the rash phase.

The vaccination schedule consists of two doses administered within a four to eight-week interval.

All vaccinations done at Confido are recorded in your vaccination passport, which we ask you to take with you when you come to get vaccinated. If necessary, we will issue a new passport for an additional fee.

For more information, please visit the website of the Health Board:

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