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At the Confido Weight Management Centre, we offer comprehensive, scientific and healthy solutions for maintaining, losing or gaining weight. We will guide you in setting goals and achieving them by offering various health services and a support network to help you reach your desired weight, improve wellbeing, prevent diseases or keep chronic diseases under control and nourish your body with a healthy lifestyle.

Glucose monitor with installation

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The continuous glucose monitoring device is primarily intended for people with diabetes to help them make more accurate decisions to control diabetes. The monitor is also suitable for those who do not have diabetes but wish to monitor their glucose, or blood sugar levels, and their fluctuations throughout the day.

Some level of insulin resistance or characteristics of pre-diabetes may also be present in people without a diabetes diagnosis – in such cases, certain foods can raise blood sugar to unhealthy levels. Continuous glucose monitoring helps detect pre-diabetes and metabolic disorders and can be a tool for dietary and lifestyle changes to prevent these disorders from developing into chronic diseases.

Constant glucose monitoring is useful if you want to:

  • find out how different foods affect blood sugar levels (people react differently to the same foods);
  • understand how your body tolerates carbohydrates;
  • see how different lifestyle factors affect blood sugar levels (for example, blood sugar levels are also affected by sleep deprivation, lack of water, physical activity, skipping meals, stress, certain medications).

While the continuous glucose monitoring device can provide valuable information about nutrition and activity, the information obtained may also create confusion and fear regarding food and nutrition (setting excessive restrictions may deprive the body of essential nutrients). Therefore, we recommend discussing the results obtained during the monitoring and establishing an action plan with a doctor or nutrition specialist. For this reason, we do not recommend the device for people who are prone to eating disorders.

Dexcom ONE glucose monitor

The glucose monitor is a small device that is placed on the abdomen or upper arm.

  • The monitor measures blood sugar levels under the skin.
  • It can be used for up to 10 days.
  • It is waterproof (can be used in the shower and while swimming).

Results can be conveniently monitored in real-time from your smartphone (you need to download the Dexcom ONE app for this – check whether your smartphone model and operating system are compatible with the app HERE). If possible, we ask you to download the application before coming to the installation.

PLEASE NOTE! If the Dexcom ONE is not compatible with your phone, we can rent you a device (receiver) that shows the results in real time.


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Glucose monitor with installation
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