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Inappropriate diet may be the cause of many health issues. Fatigue, anxiety, excess body weight, skin problems, hypotension, hypertension as well as other health issues could be corrected by making small dietary changes.

At Confido, our nutritional and weight management consultants help you with your nutrition and body weight related problems. The journey to a nutritional and weight management consultant often starts with weight issues. Our nutritional and weight management consultants help you lose and gain weight and maintain your weight after reaching your goals.


    Food Intolerance Test Package

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    A large part of the population experiences so-called hidden food intolerance that refers to a non-allergenic hypersensitivity to a food or drink that may cause health issues in varying degrees of severity. Food intolerance is most often accompanied by joint inflammation, digestive issues, skin problems, migraines and chronic headaches, depression and obesity. Diagnosing food intolerance is extremely difficult, as symptoms can appear almost immediately after eating or within up to two days. Elimination is the most commonly used method for identifying food intolerance, but there is an alternative in the form of a test. For this purpose, we have created the Food Intolerance Test Package service at Confido.

    The Food Intolerance Test Package includes:

    • food intolerance test;
    • interpretation of the results by a nutritional consultant in a remote consultation once the analytical answers are available.

    Sometimes, minor menu changes are enough to address health concerns, while other times, bigger steps are needed. Confido’s nutritional consultants know how to read and interpret test resultse and then draw up an action plan based on your specific needs. 

    What does a food intolerance test involve?

    For the food intolerance test, a venous blood sample is taken and the analysis is based on IgG antibodies. The test covers 176 food products. The categories of food products included in the test are root vegetables, herbs and beverages, nuts and legumes, fruits and berries, dairy products, meat and fish products, cereals, etc. You will know the results in 15 working days.

    A nutritional consultant will help you interpret the results of the food intolerance test!

    The results of a blood test are often confusing. The test result does not mean that a particular food should be completely eliminated from the menu, but it acts as a guide to a healthy and varied menu. A nutritional consultant knows how to interpret the results of the test and recommends menu changes that will have a real positive impact on your health. Dietary recommendations are always personalised.

    We recommend this package if you are concerned about:

    • being underweight or overweight;
    • a weak immune system;
    • digestive issues;
    • skin problems;
    • sleep disturbances;
    • constant fatigue;
    • mood swings;
    • adopting a healthier diet during pregnancy;
    • improving how you feel through conscious eating. 

    How to prepare for a blood test?

    General blood test preparation practices also apply to the Cytolisa test:

    On the day before the blood sampling, you can eat and drink as usual, but the consumption of alcohol, coffee and fat should be limited.

    On the morning of the day of the blood sample, please avoid:

    •  physical exercise and emotional strain;
    • using any medications, if possible;
    • smoking.


    We provide this service in Estonian and English.

    Package: food intolerance test and consultation
    279 €
    Food intolerance test (without consultation) Special offer at Viru Clinics
    189 € 229 €

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    Service: Food Intolerance Test Package

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