Weight management

At the Confido Weight Management Centre, we offer comprehensive, scientific and healthy solutions for maintaining, losing or gaining weight. We will guide you in setting goals and achieving them by offering various health services and a support network to help you reach your desired weight, improve wellbeing, prevent diseases or keep chronic diseases under control and nourish your body with a healthy lifestyle.

Your goal to lose, gain or maintain weight will be supported by the best specialists, doctors, nurses, nutritionists and personal trainers.

Weight Management Centre’s services include:

  • weight-related tests (e.g. blood tests, body composition analysis);
  • a doctor’s consultation with the necessary treatment plan (depending on the indications/needs, the doctor may recommend, for example, semaglutide treatment);
  • nutritional counselling and therapy, a diet plan;
  • a personalised exercise plan;
  • a consultation with a mental health specialist (e.g. mental health nurse, psychologist, psychiatrist, occupational therapist);
  • body treatments (e.g. fat cell reduction, skin toning, muscle stimulation, cryolipolysis, shockwave therapy and electromagnetic muscle stimulation);
  • if necessary, surgical intervention (bariatric or gastric bypass surgery and/or aesthetic surgery.)

The weight management centre is for you if:

  • you wish to lose weight and reach your goal in a healthy way;
  • you need support in implementing sustainable healthy lifestyle changes;
  • you have tried different diets but the weight always comes back;
  • you have some extra weight or excess postpartum weight that you have not been able to get rid of;
  • you want to get rid of a beer belly, stubborn belly fat, stress eating or late night snacking.

The Confido Weight Management Centre has a wide range of options for achieving your goals. Choose the services that suit you or pick a premade package deal.


Weight loss packages 

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Confido’s weight loss packages are designed to help create a strong foundation for healthy weight loss and maintenance. Developing new habits takes time and following them independently can seem complicated, increasing the risk of slipping, so we consider it important to provide consistent support in the early stages. We also approach each weight loss client individually, with our team of specialists creating the best plan for you according to your needs, habits and desires and supporting you in achieving your goals.

The three-month package starts with a blood test, a mental health assessment, measuring physical indicators and mapping current dietary habits to gain an overview of your current situation. Throughout the entire period, a nutritionist, trainers and a doctor are available to support you as needed. 

The nutritionist will guide and direct you and explain the principles of healthy eating and the trainer will help increase physical activity, taking into account your physical condition. The packages also include doctor consultations as needed, where the doctor gives advice, refers you to a specialist or prepares a treatment plan based on medical indicators. Specialists also pay attention to mental health for the duration of the package and guide clients to the appropriate professionals if needed.

The three-month packages include:

MONTH ONEWeight loss
standard package
Weight loss PLUS package
(only in Tallinn)
First visit (one hour):
– Blood tests
– SECA body analysis (only in Tallinn)
– Weight, height, waist and neck circumference, blood pressure 
– Mental health assessment

P.S. We ask you not to eat/drink for 12 hours prior to the appointment (you can drink unflavoured water)
Consultation with a nutritionist (one hour)yesyes
Consultation with a family doctor if necessary (at the nurse’s discretion)yesyes
Brief consultation with a nutritionist3 x3 x
Personal trainer consultation (one hour)yes
Personal training2 x
Power Plate training2 x
Meal plan (sample menus)yesyes
Consultation with a nutritionist (one hour)yesyes
Brief consultation with a nutritionist3 x3 x
Power Plate training2 x
Personal training2 x
Consultation with a nutritionist (one hour)yesyes
Brief consultation with a nutritionist3 x3 x
SECA body analysis (valid for one year)yes (in Tallinn)yes
Personal training2 x
Power Plate training2 x
Training plan€50yes
Group training (unlimited if there are available spots)€15 per timeYes
Price for the launch of the Weight Management Centre€499 (Tallinn)
€439 (Tartu)
Actual package value (if services are purchased separately)€864€1512

We recommend the package if:

  • you want to lose weight permanently without dieting;
  • you have tried several diets but the weight always comes back;
  • you want to achieve your weight goal in a healthy way;
  • you need consistent support on your weight loss or weight gain journey;
  • you plan to make your diet and lifestyle healthier;
  • you have been diagnosed with a chronic illness (e.g. high blood pressure, type two diabetes, high cholesterol).

The package is not suitable for you if:

  • you expect rapid and extensive weight loss (e.g. within two to four weeks);
  • you do not take responsibility for changing your lifestyle – we will support you, but you are solely responsible for the weight loss result;
  • you have been diagnosed with an eating disorder (in this case, we recommend a consultation with a nutrition therapist);
  • you are under 16 years old.

Booking an appointment

By purchasing the package, you book an appointment for the first visit. The remaining reservations are made on an ongoing basis.

Weight loss standard package (Tartu)
three months
Weight loss standard package (Tallinn)
three months
Weight loss PLUS package (only in Tallinn)
three months

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Confido Medical Center
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Raatuse Health Centre
6th floor, Raatuse 21, Tartu

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