Body weight issues are not always associated with aesthetic concerns or a healthy lifestyle. Excessive or insufficient weight can also cause or intensify pathological conditions inside your body.

    Gastric reduction surgery consultation

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    Gastric reduction surgery, or surgical treatment of obesity, has given many people back a feeling of well-being, self-confidence, health, and vitality. Gastric surgery is mainly considered because of obesity-related complaints such as fatigue, depression, pain, various health problems, infertility, and possibly a shorter life expectancy. In addition, gastric surgery may reduce the risk of obesity-related diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases.

    Although gastric surgery may be the only option to change your life, this decision must be carefully considered. Before the operation is performed, the need for the operation is carefully evaluated, and the patient is advised of the possible risks and the necessary changes in eating, thinking, and movement habits. Various Confido doctors and specialists will advise and support you regarding lifestyle changes.

    We recommend that you contact a gastrointestinal surgery surgeon for whom surgery seems to be the only way to resolve your weight problem.

    Gastric reduction surgery consultation
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    Service: Gastric reduction surgery consultation

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