Scar removal with laser

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During the laser scar removal procedure, the laser beam causes microscopic injuries to the skin. This starts the skin regeneration process, during which the synthesis of collagen and elastin is activated and the texture of the skin is improved. As a result of the laser procedure, the skin tightens, becomes denser and more elastic, scars are noticeably reduced with each procedure and become less and less noticeable. We remove acne scars, stretch marks, surgery scars, post-traumatic and other scars on the body and face. We recommend starting scar treatment as early as possible, because, for example, newer keloid, surgical scars and stretch marks respond better to treatment than older ones.

Before starting the procedures, a thorough consultation is carried out, during which the doctor evaluates the suitability of the procedure, possible results, determines the price, explains everything related to the procedure and gives instructions for proper home skin care. We recommend contacting you for a consultation immediately after the scar appears.


Confido Medical Centre
Veerenni 51, Tallinn


Duration up to
Scar removal consultation
55 €
20 min
Scar removal with laser
* the price is determined by the doctor during the consultation
150-300 € *
60 min

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