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Beauty injections

Fillers or beauty injections are very effective against wrinkles and for correcting facial features. Depending on skincare, genes and health, the first wrinkles usually appear in the 20s and 30s. For best results, start getting beauty injections when the first wrinkles and lines appear.

A botulinum injection (such as Botox or Dysport) can only be performed by a doctor. Beauty injections (including lip fillers) use the body’s own hyaluronic acid and can also be performed by a nurse.

Types of fillers and beauty injections:

  • Botox injections or botulinum injections remove wrinkles with botulinum toxin and correct facial features
  • Filler injections or fillers correct facial features (including lips) and fill out wrinkles
  • Biorevitalisation deeply moisturises the skin with hyaluronic acid
  • Plasmalifting or plasma injections naturally rejuvenate, using the patient’s own blood plasma
  • Mesotherapy deeply moisturises the skin with vitamins, amino acids, minerals and hyaluronic acid

Additional treatments include injections against excessive sweating, microneedling collagen therapy, lipolysis and meso-threads.


    Injectable fillers

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    Injectable fillers are injections containing hyaluronic acid that can be used to fill in wrinkles, adjust facial features and reinvigorate the skin.

    Hyaluronic acid, the primary component of injectable fillers, is our skin’s quintessential moisturiser and its texture allows it to shape the face. It helps fill in wrinkles in the forehead or around the mouth or nose area or in the neck area, soften and reinvigorate the middle area of the cheek or contour a higher cheekbone or a sharper jawline. In addition, we can provide volume to the lips or make them more symmetrical if they are asymmetrical. By using a hyaluronic acid preparation, we can moisturise the skin, provide toning and elasticity and improve skin quality overall.

    • Hyaluronic acid is essentially a long chain of sugar that naturally exists in our skin’s deeper layer, which is called the dermis. The hyaluronic acid molecule can bind water to itself and store it in the dermis. Due to the normal aging process, as well as premature aging, these chains begin to degrade into smaller parts or disappear completely. For example, photoaging as a result of sun exposure greatly conduces the degradation of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is the thing that provides youthfulness, elasticity and moisture to our skin. Without it, the skin becomes faded, dry, looser and fine wrinkles start to occur.

      Depending on the aim of the filler, the preparations are graded from softest to strongest. Lidocaine has been added into some preparations, which also provides instant numbing during the procedure. Injectable fillers can be administered using different techniques; some are shallow, others are deeper. The preparation and procedure choices are explained on-location with a specialist through evaluating the client and their needs on an individual basis.

      Confido uses the following preparations: Fillmed, Belotero, Stylage and Teosyal.

      • Oncological diseases, keloid scars, active inflammations, herpes
      • Allergy to lidocaine, the analgesic preparation
      • The procedure is not performed during antibiotic treatment
      • The procedure is not performed during pregnancy and breastfeeding; at least one month must have passed since the end of breastfeeding
      • At least two weeks must have passed since any vaccinations.
      • Alcohol shouldn’t be consumed for at least a day before the procedure.
      • If you are taking any medications, please inform us of them before coming in for the procedure. We recommend that you do not take blood-thinning medications for at least a week before the procedure (including aspirin, Hjertemagnyl). In addition, we recommend that you do not take supplements containing fish oil and vitamin E for the entire week prior to the injection.
      • Make-up products shouldn’t be used for at least 12 hours after the injection procedure.
      • Avoid lying down for a few hours after the injection, and don’t touch the area that received the injection.
      • No massages or other procedures in the injection area for at least two weeks.
      • Alcohol shouldn’t be consumed for at least one day after the procedure.
      • You shouldn’t take part in any physically demanding exercise for at least a week after the injection.
      • Saunas and hot baths should be avoided for at least two weeks.
      • Sunbathing should be avoided for at least two weeks.
      • Do not get any vaccinations for at least two weeks.

    Recovery should be fairly quick and simple; getting filler is also known as the ‘lunch break procedure’.

    There may be some redness, slight bruising, contusions, sensitive skin, numbness or swelling after the injection procedure. Larger swelling may be expected in the case of lip injections, but that should end the following day. An ice pack can be used in the injection area, if necessary.

    Repeated injections for wrinkles are given after 8-12 months, and for lips after 6-8 months. However, the results are individual and also depend on the skin’s characteristics and structure.

    An unfavourable result of injectable filler can be dissolved and adjusted with a special substance – hyaluronidase. In the case of any doubts or concerns, feel free to contact the specialist who performed the procedure via customer support.

    Lip correction and augmentation
    Stylage 1 ml
    320 €
    Teosyal 1 ml
    380 €
    Fillmed 1 ml
    250 €
    Belotero 0,6 ml
    225 €
    Belotero Shape 0,6 ml + Contour 0,6 ml
    399 €
    Forehead wrinkles
    Fillmed 1 ml
    225 €
    Belotero 1 ml
    360 €
    Marionette lines
    Fillmed 1 ml
    225 €
    Belotero 1 ml
    340 €
    Nasolabial lines
    Fillmed 1 ml
    225 €
    Belotero 1 ml
    360 €
    Contouring the jawline
    Fillmed 1,2 ml
    299 €
    Belotero 1 ml
    380 €
    Lifting cheekbones
    Fillmed 1,2 ml
    299 €
    Belotero 1 ml
    380 €
    Facial plastic surgeon consultation
    110 €
    30 min
    Filler injection consultation
    25 €
    20 min
    Filler injection consultation, dr T.Arak (Tartu)
    40 €
    20 min

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