Heleia Nestal Zibo

Facial and maxillofacial surgeon

Dr Heleia Nestal Zibo graduated from the School of Dentistry at UNESP in Sao Paolo, completed further training in maxillofacial surgery at Santa Casa de Misericordia Hospital and a maxillofacial surgery residency in Finland at the Helsinki University Hospital and at the University of Tartu. In 2017, she also graduated from the University of Tartu and is currently doing her PhD there. She has been working as a maxillofacial surgeon in Estonia since 2006 and in Finland since 2009. She has been at Confido since 2021. She is a member of many professional associations and organisations. Her medical interests lie in aesthetic facial surgery, surgical treatment of skull and facial deformities, orthognathic surgery and surgery of 3D printed brain and skull implants specifically designed for the patient.