Skin and minor surgery

Removal of skin and subcutaneous tissue

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During the procedure, the tumor located on or under the skin is removed. This is a surgical procedure performed to remove different types of tumors that can develop on or under the skin. The skin tumor can be either benign (e.g., lipoma – a benign fatty tumor) or malignant (e.g., melanoma – a type of skin cancer). If there is suspicion that the skin tumor may be dangerous or potentially malignant, it is recommended to remove it and then send it for biopsy to determine its nature.

During the operation, the surgeon makes an incision near the tumor, and the tumor is removed along with a small amount of healthy surrounding tissue to ensure complete removal of the tumor and prevent recurrence. After the tumor is removed, the surgeon closes the wound and may use sutures or adhesive for wound closure. The removal of a skin and subcutaneous tissue tumor can be performed under either general or local anesthesia depending on the patient’s individual indicators. It is a frequently performed procedure that can be effective in treating tumors, as well as preventing their spread and achieving a good cosmetic outcome.


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Removal of skin and subcutaneous tissue
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