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Personal training

Personal trainer considers your current training and state of health and instructs you on how to effectively move towards the set goal. Choose personal trainer if:

  • You want to reach your objectives healthily and quickly.
  • You require extra motivation.
  • You need help improving your technique.
  • You want your workouts to be varied.
  • You want someone to supervise you and help track your progress towards your desired results.
  • You want to choose the most effective exercises.
  • You want to build muscle mass.
  • You are in the process of recovering from an injury.
  • Your progress has plateaued.


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    PowerPlate is a workout platform that vibrates 25-50 times per second, stimulating the body’s muscle reflexes. PowerPlate amplifies every movement, whether simple or complex, usually done on the ground. The machine improves blood circulation and lymphatic circulation, and contributes to muscle growth and recovery. The exercises and pace are chosen for each person individually. Due to the intensity, the workout lasts approximately 30 minutes.

    Workout benefits:

    • Stimulates the body’s natural reflexes
    • Increases muscle activity
    • Improves blood, tissue and lymphatic circulation
    • Improves balance, flexibility and posture
    • Relaxes and loosens tense muscles
    • Makes workout preparation and recovery time quicker
    • Lessens muscle and joint pain
    • The workout teaches you to understand, feel and experience the functionality of your body

    PowerPlate’s 30-minute workout is suitable for: 

    • Athletes, both for more intense workouts as well as for recovery
    • Those who want to strengthen their joints
    • Those who want to restore their pelvic floor muscle function (e.g. when suffering from urinary incontinence)
    • Those who need help to relieve aches and pains caused by overexertion, stress positions or incorrect exercising 
    • Those who have back problems, posture problems or muscle tension 
    • Those who have abdominal muscle separation, also known as diastasis recti. Vibration workouts help activate the core muscles and hasten recovery. This is a great way to combine personal training with home exercises assigned by a physiotherapist.
    • Those who have given birth vaginally or by C-section or who have undergone a hysterectomy. You can start six weeks after childbirth or surgery at the earliest. Suitable during breastfeeding as well.
    • Those with children who are a bit older. It is never too late to begin strengthening your core and pelvic floor.

    Good to know:

    If less than one year has passed since you gave birth, we advise you to consult a women’s physiotherapistbefore starting PowerPlate workouts, go through a postpartum screening or at least one postpartum workoutto verify your body’s recovery level and ensure that more intense training is safe.

    If you have a history of (sports) injuries, bone damage or mobility issues, we advise you to consult your doctor or physiotherapist to get their approval prior to joining the class. 

    PowerPlate is not recommended:

    • If you have been diagnosed with elevated muscle tone in the pelvic floor
    • If you have been diagnosed with chronic pelvic pain
    • If you are pregnant
    • If you have a cardiovascular disease(s)
    • If you have a pacemaker
    • If you are at risk of a stroke or a heart attack
    • If you have any prostheses or metal implants between bones

    The service is available in Estonian and English

    PowerPlate with a personal trainer
    40 €
    30 minutes

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