Optometrist silmaarst silm orbita optometrist silmapõletik hallkae katarakt silmauuring halb nägemine eritis silmast silmaoperatsioon prillid prillide määramine prillide kirjutamine silmarõhk

Ophthalmology, optometry (eyes)

An ophthalmologist or ophthalmologist deals with the diagnosis and treatment of pathologies of the eye, eyelids, orbit and tear ducts, as well as refractive disorders. An ophthalmologist should be consulted if there is a sudden deterioration of vision, pain or redness in the eyes, symptoms of chronic eye disease, or inflammation. The main problems and reasons for seeing an ophthalmologist: cataracts, eye surgery, eye examinations, vision loss, discharge from the eye, blurred vision, eye trauma, etc.

An optometrist primarily deals with checking visual acuity and prescribing glasses. The main problems and reasons for visiting an optometrist: prescription for glasses, prescription of lenses, prescription of glasses, color perception test, and measurement of eye pressure.

You can see an optometrist or ophthalmologist without a referral.

    Consultation with a ophthalmologist

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    Regular eye examinations at the ophthalmologist’s are vital to prevent eye diseases. You can help your body if you take regular preventative eye examinations.

    At Confido, the ophthalmologist handles preventing eye diseases, sending people to further diagnostics if she suspects a disease, and creating treatment plans in case of a disease.

    You should turn to an ophthalmologist if there are any problems with vision (such as reduced visual acuity or eye infections). Several severe eye diseases, but also systemic diseases (such as diabetes, thyroid or joint problems) don’t often reveal symptoms or pain. The ophthalmologist can only help if the problem is addressed at an early stage.

    Several diseases are accompanied by eye problems and only regular examinations can detect and treat the problems on time.
    Consultation with a ophthalmologist
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