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Confido employs a wide range of doctors and various specialists who will advise you on preventing health issues as well as diagnose and treat any existing conditions. You can turn to our general practitioners with unexpected and urgent health issues as well as chronic illnesses. In addition, Confido employs specialist doctors in all major fields who can help you in their area of expertise. Confido provides a range of tests on site, and if necessary we will refer you to other medical institutions to undergo testing. Our doctors also perform various medical procedures, up to and including surgery.

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    Consultation with a ophthalmologist

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    Regular eye examinations at the ophthalmologist’s are vital to prevent eye diseases. You can help your body if you take regular preventative eye examinations.

    At Confido, the ophthalmologist handles preventing eye diseases, sending people to further diagnostics if she suspects a disease, and creating treatment plans in case of a disease.

    You should turn to an ophthalmologist if there are any problems with vision (such as reduced visual acuity or eye infections). Several severe eye diseases, but also systemic diseases (such as diabetes, thyroid or joint problems) don’t often reveal symptoms or pain. The ophthalmologist can only help if the problem is addressed at an early stage.

    Several diseases are accompanied by eye problems and only regular examinations can detect and treat the problems on time.
    Consultation with a ophthalmologist
    70 €
    30 minutes
    Child (up to 16)
    60 €
    30 minutes

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    Service: Consultation with a ophthalmologist

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