Physiotherapy and Chiropractic

The physiotherapist deals with the restoration of movement function, using physical exercises and various therapy options (heat and cold therapy, ultrasound, magnetic and electric therapy, etc.). The physiotherapist helps the patient to develop suitable movement activities, and additional aids can be used for this purpose if necessary.

A chiropractor focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of health disorders based on joints, ligaments, muscles, and nerves. A chiropractor primarily deals with back and neck problems.

Manual therapy is a combination of fine diagnostics of the problem and its cause, and manual techniques aimed at solving a specific problem very precisely. Targeted and correctly dosed manual techniques help the manual therapist to restore the normal function and balance of the joints and muscles and the structures surrounding them.

The main problems and reasons for visiting a physiotherapist or chiropractor are muscle problems (muscle tear, muscle tension), lower back pain, back pain, neck and shoulder problems (overload, trauma, etc.), joint problems, rehabilitation, and problems that arise during growth.

You can see a physiotherapist or chiropractor without a referral.

    Physiotherapist for babies and toddlers

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    A physiotherapist for babies and toddlers contributes to the child’s sensorimotor development, i.e. helps the child acquire the right movement patterns and improve the child’s muscle tone. Counselling parents also plays an important role in order for parents to be able to support their child’s development.

    When does a child need physiotherapy?

    • The baby or the toddler is lagging behind in age-appropriate motor development
    • The child’s muscles are more tense than they should be or vice versa
    • There is an asymmetry when holding a position or performing movements
    • The physiotherapist also gives the parent advice and knowledge on how to support their child’s physical activity

    At the initial appointment of a physiotherapist, a thorough health assessment is performed. This allows the most effective treatment options to be chosen, a treatment plan to be agreed on and personal recommendations to be given.

    We welcome children from their first day of life until the age of 5. 

    Physiotherapist for infants and young children
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