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    Eye health 60+ package

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    At the age of 40, due to the ageing of the eyes, visual acuity may change when seeing up close and reading small text. Although the course of presbyopia (old-age vision) slows down by the age of 60, ageing of the eyes often leads to diseases that result in poor vision or loss of vision. This risk increases with age and partly depends on heredity as well. Early diagnosis and treatment are needed to maintain vision. From the age of 60, a thorough eye examination should be performed every one to two years.

    Eye check-up panel 60+ includes: 

    1. Vision check-up, refractometry, keratometry
    2. Measurement of intraocular pressure
    3. OCT macular tomography 
    4. OCT optic disc tomography 
    5. OCT corneal tomography 
    6. Evaluation of OCT examination  
    7. Ophthalmologist appointment
    8. Schirmer test (dry eye test)
    9. Fundus photography of the eye

    PLEASE NOTE!  Consultation and examinations take approximately 60 minutes. During the appointment, it may be necessary to administer eye drops that dilate the pupil. After that, the vision is blurred for a while and driving a car and working with your eyes may be disturbed for the rest of the day. 

    Please come to the appointment without wearing contact lenses!

    Eye health 60+ package
    215 €
    up to 60 min

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    Service: Eye health 60+ package

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