Ear, nose and throat surgery

In the field of otorhinolaryngology, we perform both conservative and operative treatment. We perform removal of adenoids and tonsils, plastic surgery of the nasal wall under general anaesthesia and earlobe plastic surgeries. Children and adolescents are also welcome.

Consultation with the otorhinolaryngologist

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Otorhinolaryngologist is concerned with diagnosing and treating ear, nose and throat diseases of both adults and children.

We recommend visiting the doctor when suspecting an acute or chronic ear, nose or throat disease, if you have problems with breathing through the nose or if you have frequent nose bleeds. You can also visit when you need an expert opinion on removing tonsils or adenoids, or if you are having trouble breathing while sleeping.

In the consultation, the doctor examines your nose, throat and ears, assesses complaints, and decides whether there is a need for further examinations. The consultation includes oto- and rhinomicroscopy, epipharyngoscopy, and indirect laryngoscopy. If necessary, the doctor will prescribe an audiometric examination in order to measure hearing acuteness.

We also provide this service within the framework of the Health Insurance Fund. An appointment financed by a contract with the Health Insurance Fund can only be booked by calling +372 666 27 27 or at the Digital Registry »

Attention! Confido otolaryngologists do not deal with hearing aids. Please contact the hearing aid service providers to issue and set up the hearing aid!


Ear-nose-throat doctor consultation
110 €
Ear-nose-throat doctor consultation (Tartu)
100 €

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