A medical geneticist deals with the study and diagnosis of hereditary disease conditions. The geneticist accepts both children and adults and gives information and advice about diseases, heredity, possible studies, and future treatment and monitoring plan.

Geneticist consultation

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A medical geneticist studies and diagnoses hereditary conditions. Geneticists see both children and adults, and during their appointments, they provide information and consultation on diseases, heredity, possible tests and examinations and future treatment and follow-up plans. We recommend seeing a geneticist if you have been diagnosed with a genetic disease or are at increased risk of developing a disease with a genetic predisposition. A visit to a geneticist is also recommended for people who are planning genetic testing or have had genetic testing in the past and wish to consult a doctor.

In the case of hereditary diseases (e.g tumours, familial arrhythmias, neurologi-cal problems), the geneticist explains the individual risks of developing the dis-ease and assesses the risk of passing it on to offspring. In the case of inherited forms of the disease, an individual monitoring plan and, if possible, a treatment plan are prepared for the patient.

Prior to planning a pregnancy, the geneticist will help recommend pre-natal ex-aminations in situations where there have been repeated miscarriages in the past or a child with a developmental disorder has been born into the family. If a family member has been diagnosed with an inherited disease, it is possible to assess the risk of recurrence of the disease in their future children.

Important information

  • We cooperate with leading genetic research laboratories in Estonia and abroad. All samplings for tests can be performed at our centre.
  • At the appointment, the necessity and scope of additional examinations, tests and analyses will be decided with the geneticist and, if necessary, an investigation plan will be prepared. The fee for analyses and tests is not included in the price of the consultation.
  • In most cases, a genetic risk assessment can be performed at the initial consultation, but sometimes a repeat consultation is needed to discuss the results of the tests (decided during the initial consultation with the doctor). Based on the results of the genetic tests and the data collected during the consultation and, if necessary, the results of the tests, the medical geneticist will prepare a written summary of the assessment.

The summary of the genetic assessment and the follow-up consulta-tion for discussing the results costs 80 euros.

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