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Urological surgery

We treat and diagnose diseases of the genital organs and the urinary tract in both men and women. We offer both preventive and scheduled treatment. Confido Surgery Centre uses innovative and patient-friendly laser technology for destructing kidney stones.
We perform various endoscopic upper and lower urinary tract operations. In the urology department, we also perform andrological procedures, where we solve problems related to male infertility in cooperation with the Next Fertility Clinic and treat chronic diseases of the genital tract.

Booking an operation

In order to perform surgical procedures, a prior appointment with a doctor of the relevant specialty is required, who will put together your treatment plan.Book an appointment or call +372 629 9277. Please familiarize yourself with the rules and guidelines for patients before surgery.


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    Sterilisation is a procedure that closes a man’s vasa deferentia. As a result of the procedure, it is no longer possible to have children in a natural way. Other physiological functions will not be impaired as a result of this procedure. 

    The surgery is performed under local or general anaesthesia. As a result of sterilisation, sperm cells disappear from the semen over time. The loss of sperm from semen is confirmed by a sperm analysis, which should be performed two to three months after sterilisation. If sperm remain in the ejaculate, the sperm analysis should be repeated in two months and, if necessary, until sperm cells disappear. 

    Of the possible complications of surgery, bleeding (hematoma) is more common after the procedure. Hematoma prophylaxis involves the use of tight-fitting underwear after surgery. Applying cold to the testicle can be used as first aid.

    The risk of complications is higher with diabetes, immune diseases or lower body skin eczema.

    The chance of inflammation is higher if you have previously undiagnosed genital inflammation. The patient will receive antibiotic treatment after the surgery to prevent possible inflammation. 

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    Service: Sterilisation

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    Scheduling a surgery

    Surgical procedures require a prior appointment with a doctor who will work out your treatment plan for you. Book an appointment with a specialist or call 1330.Before the surgery, please read the patient reminder and rules of procedure for the person coming for surgery.