Estonian Health Insurance Fund contract

Services funded under Estonian Health Insurance Fund contract

Confido has entered a care funding contract with the Estonian Health Insurance Fund for appointments covering following specialities:



Regarding the above specialties, patients receive a service based on a nationwide waiting list to the limit specified in the Estonian Health Insurance Fund contract and pursuant to the requirements of the Health Insurance Act of Estonia. All patients are admitted to the waiting list on an equal basis, i.e. they are registered for the first available appointment on the general waiting list to receive the health service or for a later appointment time if the patient so chooses, regardless of the channel of registration.

Please note! Keep in mind that not all physicians and specialists highlighted on this website provide services for patients on the general Health Insurance Fund waiting list. If you want to see a specific physician or specialist, we recommend booking a paid service. Information on available appointments and service providers on the general waiting list of the Health Insurance Fund is available from the nationwide digital registration system or by calling +372 666 2727.

Payment for visits

A referral is required to book an appointment for any of the specialities covered under the Estonian Health Insurance Fund contract (except for gynaecology, preventive gynaecology and dermatovenereology). We offer paid appointments based on Confido’s standard price list for appointments outside the general waiting list and/or for patients who do not have health insurance or the required referral.

Upon visiting Confido for an appointment paid for by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund, patients must pay a visit fee of 5 euros.

No visit fee for:

  • pregnant patients (pregnancy card)
  • patients receiving counselling at the youth counselling office
  • patients under 2 years old (documentation)
  • patients who receive emergency outpatient care followed by direct treatment at the inpatient department
  • patients referred by other Confido specialists
  • patients referred by the same specialist working in another medical institution as part of the same medical case
  • upon a repeat appointment if less than 90 days have passed since payment of the visit fee for the previous appointment to the same physician

Booking an appointment

You can book an appointment through the nationwide digital registration system or by calling +372 666 2727.

Please note! If you are unable to come for your appointment at the agreed time, please notify us in advance by calling 666 2727 or by cancelling your appointment through the digital registration system.

If you do not inform us that you are unable to come to the appointment or if you cancel during the last 24 hours before the appointment, we may charge you double the visit fee upon your next visit. Please read Confido’s detailed patient information here.


If you noticed something during your visit that was done well or something that could have been done differently, please let us know. We welcome any proposals and regard feedback as a way to improve our work organisation. Please read our procedure for leaving feedback and submit your feedback here.