Coronavirus testing

We offer companies the opportunity to have their employees tested. Testing for the coronavirus will let you know if workers can return to work if they are at risk of infection or need isolation time to protect others. In addition, Confido offers the possibility to test groups of 5 people (travel groups, student groups, tourists).

SARS coronavirus PCR test from the nasopharynx

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How does the SARS coronavirus PCR test from the nasopharynx work?

The PCR test for SARS coronavirus from the nasopharynx is a test that detects the RNA of the virus, and a positive result confirms that you are infected with the coronavirus.

What does it show?

Are you infected with the coronavirus and potentially infectious to others?

Why do it?

For the purpose of traveling or attending an event to prove that you are safe from infection.

How is the sample collected?

From the nasopharynx with a special cotton swab.

How fast will you get a response?

The answer will arrive in within 2 working days after testing. To those who ordered the certificate, we will send the answer as a link by e-mail.

Is it suitable for travel?

Yes, it is suitable as a travel certificate or for visiting an event, but only if a corresponding certificate has been ordered together with the test (for an additional fee).

Where can you do it?

In all Confido clinics. You can only come to the test by booking an appointment in advance.


It is mandatory to wear a mask when coming to the test!

We provide this service

Confido Medical Centre
Veerenni 51, Tallinn
Viru Walk-in clinic
4th floor, Viru Väljak 4, Tallinn
Rocca Al Mare Walk-in clinic
Paldiski maantee 102, Tallinn
Tartu Raatuse clinic
6th floor, Raatuse 21, Tartu


Price of test without certificate
44 €
Price of test with certificate
54 €

We have several payment options. Read more HERE.


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