Remote consultation

Remote consultation is a regular consultation with a doctor or a specialist that can be performed via phone, video call or online chat. This is a convenient way to talk to your doctor at a location suitable for you (home, office, while travelling, in the countryside, etc.). Consultations can be done with either a phone or a computer.

Video consultation

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Video consultations take place through a secure encrypted connection between the patient and the doctor/specialist, making it impossible for third parties to participate in or “eavesdrop” on the conversation. The consultation will not be recorded or videotaped, so complete privacy and discretion are guaranteed.

The solution is easy to use. The consultation can be accessed via a link sent to the patient’s e-mail, which immediately directs the patient to the right environment. There is no need to download a separate program and the solution works on all common devices and web browsers (Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS).

Video consultation saves time for both the doctor/specialist and the patient, as neither has to physically change their location. If, during the consultation, the doctor/specialist decides that a physical appointment is needed to resolve the patient’s concerns, they can always book an additional on-site appointment.

The price of the service depends on the price of a specific doctor’s appointment. For example, the price of a remote consultation with a general doctor is €50.

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