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Andrologist works with male sexuality and male fertility. The main problems and reasons for consulting an andrologist: are infertility, difficulty getting pregnant, and desire to get pregnant.

You can see an andrologist without a referral. Reception financed by Estonian Health Insurance Fund takes place only if there is a referral.

    Andrologist consultation 

    Andrologists treat all diseases specific to men: prostate diseases, sexual disorders, ‘male menopause’, infertility, acute and chronic inflammation of the genital tract, testicular problems.

    In order to find a solution to your concern, make an appointment in Tartu with Andrology Nurse Kärt Vaasa, who will perform appropriate tests according to the problem and, if necessary, refer you to a doctor’s consultation.

    Broneeri aeg

    Andrologist consultation (Tartu) (video consultation)
    100 €

    We provide this service

    Raatuse Health Centre
    6th floor, Raatuse 21, Tartu