Internal diseases

An internist is a specialist with broad specialization who has knowledge of non-surgical diseases of organ systems, prevention, diagnostics, and treatment options.

Consultation with internal medicine physician and clinical pharmacologist

An internal medicine physician is a specialist with broad specialisation who has knowledge in non-surgical diseases of the organ systems and their prevention, prognosis, diagnostics and treatment.

Knowing the patient’s symptoms and complaints, the internal medicine physician draws up an examination plan to clarify the diagnosis and, if necessary, refers the patient to a physician with a narrower specialisation, such as a pulmonologist or a cardiologist.

The most common problems addressed by an internal medicine physician are cardiovascular diseases, venous thrombosis, diagnostics of anaemia, and the preparation of an examination plan in order to diagnose a suspected tumour.

You are invited to book an appointment under the following circumstances:

  • You suspect a non-surgical internal organ disease (e.g. cardiovascular or endocrine system disease, problems related to obesity, liver or gastrointestinal disease)
  • You want more information about the nature, prognosis or diagnostics of the disease
  • You have questions about treatment regimes or disease prevention

A clinical pharmacologist is a doctor with an additional specialisation who advises both patients and doctors on medicines. Patients who are taking several medications at the same time are therefore invited for a consultation.

Consultation with a clinical pharmacologist provides an opportunity to approach the patient’s existing treatment regimen in a holistic manner, including reviewing the medicines used, assessing their effectiveness and necessity as well as making adjustments in the choice of medicines and their dosages. During the consultation, the clinical pharmacologist can also issue new prescriptions, if necessary. After adjusting the treatment regimen, a follow-up examination may be necessary to assess the effectiveness of the regimen and to make further adjustments, if necessary.

PLEASE NOTE! During the consultation, additional analyses/examinations may be needed, which will be subject to additional charges.

You do not need a referral letter to book an appointment for a fee.


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Consultation with internal medicine physician and clinical pharmacologist
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