Mental health support

A child's mental health is the state of physical and mental wellness that enables a child to go through important developmental stages to acquire necessary life skills and reach physical, mental and social maturity. In addition to wellness, the concept of mental health also includes mental health issues, incl. mental disorders.

Both hereditary and environmental factors, incl. life events causing continuous stress, play an important part in the development of mental disorders. Another important factor is the relationships surrounding children, especially between children and their parents. This means that tackling children's mental health problems requires cooperation between as many of the adults in their life as possible. Child psychiatry focuses on mental disorder diagnosis and intervention planning. All of this is usually done by a team of specialists working together. Our team includes a children's psychiatrist, a clinical children's psychologist, a children's neuropsychologist, a family therapist, a speech therapist, a special education teacher and an art therapist.


Speech therapist consultation and therapy for children

A speech therapist is a specialist in speech and swallowing disorders who can help people of all ages. In the case of children, a speech therapist is primarily concerned with identifying problems in understanding and producing oral and written speech, carrying out therapy sessions and counselling parents. A speech therapist also assesses various speech characteristics (voice, pronunciation, fluency, etc.), speech-related muscle function and, if necessary, swallowing function.

The development of a child’s speech is linked to the development of their perception, attention, memory and thinking. Delays in speech development therefore affect both communication skills and the ability to learn – which is why it is important to detect speech problems as early as possible and intervene if necessary. A speech therapist may be needed for a child who is just starting to speak, or for an adolescent who is already at school. The sooner the person needing help gets to see a speech therapist, the sooner their speech will improve, and with it also their ability to cope with everyday life, social interaction and learning.

When should you see a speech therapist?

  • Problems with pre-verbal communication in infancy or early childhood (lack of emotional communication with the parent, absence or infrequency of babbling, etc.).
  • Language delay
  • Speech problems related to being bilingual
  • Pronunciation problems
  • Stuttering and other disfluency
  • Voice disorders
  • Issues related to reading and writing skills
  • Facial nerve paralysis
  • Swallowing disorders

If you suspect your child has a speech or swallowing disorder, consult our speech therapists. It is never too early or too late to consult a specialist if you have any concerns! If problems are more serious, specialist intervention, continuous therapy and cooperation between all parties are needed.

Only people have been given the ability to talk, use the language for expressing their thoughts and feelings and use language to get feedback on the surrounding world.

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Speech therapist consultation and therapy for children (video consultation available)
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