Physiotherapy and movement

Baby massage and baby aerobics

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Regular massage and exercise provide preventive support for the normal physical development of the child, teach correct movement patterns, balance digestion, enable good and deeper sleep and offer an excellent emotional experience.

We definitely recommend that you come if you notice the following conditions:

  • development of motor skills has been slower or delayed
  • problems with muscle tone (excessive or reduced muscle tone)
  • muscle tensions are present
  • decreased mobility of joints
  • muscle or joint pain
  • disturbed movement pattern
  • asymmetry is present in different positions or movements

During the appointment, the baby or toddler will undergo physical assessment and be guided through playful exercises, taking into consideration any particulars arising from the growing and developing organism of the child and their age and individual development. The duration of baby massage and aerobics is 30 minutes.

Based on a conversation with the parent, daily activities with the greatest impact on the child’s development are established. Great emphasis is placed on the involvement of the parent to make sure they are able to guide their child and contribute to their development as much as possible through daily play time.

Bring a blanket with you to the appointment.


Duration up to
Baby bathing and massage
35 €
30 min
5 x
150 €

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